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I built my first crystal set radio with my Dad when I was four years old. Working nights in the basement of our little frame house in South Minneapolis, we wound wire around a Quaker Oats box and used a piece of pyrite for a crystal and a catís whisker for a detector. In high school I became an amateur radio operator and repaired radios in the basement workshop to earn spending money. About that time I started squirreling away radio tubes and parts. However, I didnít begin radio collecting in earnest until the late 1970s. From my boyhood to the present, my special interest has been in very early (pre-1920) wireless as well as tubes from the same era. 
        I have taught Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Counseling at Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University, since 1979. One of the special rewards of seminary teaching is the opportunity to take sabbaticals, or research leavesótime off to study and write every seventh year. I have had the good fortune to live in Cambridge, England during three research leaves. While there I met several radio collectors who have remained good friends ever since.  I also started collecting British crystal set radios and developed an interest in early Marconi wireless radio receivers.
           I am married to Karen Stone, an artist, author and Art Specialist for the Fort Worth schools. Weíve been married for forty years, and she is very patient and longsuffering with my interest in early radio technology. I always try to have a few art deco radios, like the Sparton radios pictured, which appeal to her artistic sensitivities. We have one grown daughter, Christine, and two granddaughters, Elizabeth and Caitlin. I have many interests in addition to my job and conserving old radios, such as: grandchildren (of course!), travel, books (reading and collecting), fishing at our lake cottage, walking, baking bread and pizza, eating, and jazz. Karen and I share a keen interest in music, so I also build tube audio amplifiers for our stereo system.
            I am always looking for other radios, wireless and spark sets, radio tubes, and tube amplifiers like those pictured here. If you have something you want to go to a good home, or if you just want some information on an old radio, please get in touch with me. I will do my best to help or suggest where you can go for help. I travel quite a bit and canít read email every day, so please be patientóI will respond to your request and try to help as soon as I am able.

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