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Radios Wanted

  • Amrad
  • F.B. Chambers
  • Clapp-Eastham
  • Conneticut
  • DeForest
  • Electro Importing
  • E. I.
  • General radio (pre-1923)
  • Grebe
  • Massie receivers or parts
  • Marconi pre-1920
  • Mignon
  • Murdock
  • Paragon
  • Sperry (Pre-1920)
  • United Wireless
  • Western Electric
  • Western Electric Tubes
  • crystal sets
  • spherical audions and audion sets
  • Wireless equipment pre-1920
  • 4 pin tubes like 2A3, 10, 245, 345, 50, 250, WD11, etc.
  • Western Electric 4 pin tubes like 101D, 102D, 205D, 274A/B, 300B, 350B, etc
  • pre-1920 tubes, geissler and Crookes tubes
  • Fleming valve
  • Anything pre-1917 parts, tubes, valves, keys, etc.

    I am also looking for radio parts. Click on Wanted Radio Parts in the left column to find a list of wanted items.

    If you are uncertain whether I might want something, just email me and I will let you know who might want a radio or tubes if I don't need it.

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